PPP leaders advise Zardari to step down as party’s co-chairman

DUBAI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is facing a serious crisis as differences have crept up amongst senior leaders whether or not Asif Ali Zardari should remain at the helms of the party, sources claimed.


According to sources, leadership crisis in the party has deepened as some PPP senior leaders have expressed lack of confidence over Zardari’s leadership during their recent meetings in Dubai.

Sources said that the PPP leaders have advised Zardari to step down as the party’s co-chairman and that he should also retire from politics.

They have also suggested that Bilawal Bhutto should be given a chance to lead the party with renewed vigour.

“PPP won’t be able to win any election if Zardari’s picture is displayed on banners of the party,” a party source as said.