PTI – Govt. allows to hold protest

ISLAMABAD – The matter of PTI’s May11 protest rally dominated the National Assembly continues on Thursday, as the second biggest opposition party requested the government not to create any hurdle in their path, while the government assured its cooperation but expressed doubts on PTI intentions at the same time.


PTI was not campaigning against the government as the government has nothing to answer with the PTI issues which pertain to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), election tribunals, judiciary and media.

Answering to the fears raised by Imran Khan, Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan said they permit PTI for holding a ‘peaceful protest on May 11’. “It is the democratic right of all the parties, the butterfly should be maintained in a democratic manner,” he stated.

He stated later than the May 11 protest of PTI, he will propose a separate venue for public encounters with the consultation of political parties. Nisar said vehicles coming from other provinces or cities would be checked rigorously to guarantee protection, adding if any individual is found keeping weapons, even batons, or women lapping their minors, they will be arrested on the blot.

Saad Rafique stated they also want confirmation of ballots in four constituencies: NA-56, won by PTI Imran Khan by defeating PML-N’s Haneef Abbasi; NA-55, won by Sheikh Rashid Ahmed of AML; NA-126 (Lahore), won by Shafqat Mehmood of PTI; and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa constituency of Chief Minister Parvez Khattak.

The interior minister said 2000 CCTV cameras will be installed in Islamabad and 400 in Rawalpindi within 10 to 11 months to assure security, adding that the regime desired to seek consultancy from UK as the UK accepts the largest CCTV network, while China will install CCTV cameras.

Imran Khan, who grew up in his seat, to cave in an answer to PML-NS attacks were apparently annoyed over speaker’s move to abruptly adjourn the House. Even so, both the parties held press conferences outside the parliament house to further flesh out their points.


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