Qureshi questions govt’s silence over BBC report


ISLAMABAD: Senior leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Thursday urged federal government to break the silence and clear its position over BBC report that blames MQM for receiving funds from Indian authorities.


“This is surprising that even after 24 hours, the federal government is still silent. The government must clear its position on such serious matters,” he said while speaking to media persons outside the Parliament House.

“Why is it silent, and has the government any intention to investigate these claims?” Qureshi questioned.

He said BBC is a credible media house that can’t put its credibility on stake for a baseless story.

Qureshi said if MQM considered the report baseless, would it sue BBC and freelance British journalist Owen Bennett-Jones over his report.

He went on saying that “Is PPP’s offer to MQM to join Sindh government still valid even after emergence of this report?”.

The PTI stalwart then turned to Sindh government, claiming that neither Sindh CM nor any PPP leader had visited affectees of heat in hospitals of Karachi where hundreds of people have lost their lives.