Rangers raid MQM’s HQ NineZero, again

Rangers Raid

KARACHI: Just few hours before the 29 Ramzan Sehri, Rangers paramilitary force raided Nine Zero, the headquarters of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), in Karachi’s Azizabad, NewsOne reported


According to reports, Rangers personnel surrounded the MQM’s Nine Zero offices and cordon off all the 14 exits and entrances in the area.

Rangers personnel also entered in the Khursheed Memorial Hall and KKF (Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation) office at Nine Zero where a search operation was carried out.

Three MQM leaders Qamar Mansoor, Azeem Farooqi, Kaiful Warah and Sufyan Yousuf were briefly interrogated at Khurshid Memorial, according to sources. Whereas Qamar Mansoor and Kaiful Warah has been taken in to custody and shifted to some undisclosed location.

DG Rangers Bilal Akhtar later twitted that Mansoor and Warah had been arrested for “arranging and facilitating hate speeches against the peace of Karachi.”

The statement added that the speeches incited violence against officers and soldiers of Pakistan Rangers Sindh, a law enforcement agency of the state.

“List of such facilitators has been finalised and more arrests will be made in near future.”

Later, Rangers surrounded the houses of MQM leader Farooq Sattar and Haider Abbas Rizvi, but they did not conduct a raid or did arrest anyone. However, neither was present at their homes at that time.

Separately, MQM workers from various parts of the city were also detained.

These include an MQM joint sector incharge from Malir, MQM Malir’s sector and unit incharge’s. An MQM sector member from Model Colony, and four MQM workers from Orangi Town.