Rasheed condemns PTI’s social media attack on judiciary

ISLAMABAD: Federal Information Minister Pervez Rasheed has strongly condemned what he called a “malicious propaganda” launched by Pakistan Tehreek Insaf’s (PTI) supporters on social media against judiciary.


In a statement on Wednesday, Senator Pervez Rasheed asked PTI to stop its campaign against the higher judiciary.

“We strongly condemn the malicious propaganda launched by PTI on social media against senior judges,” he said and pointed out PTI had to swallow its words against the judiciary in the past but it did not learn any lesson.

The minister denounced the PTI’s tendency to declare judiciary as good if verdict comes in its favour and call is bad if the judgement goes against it.

“PTI has tendered an apology for its “shameful” comments in the past, but the opposition party has learned no lesson,” Rasheed maintained.