Rashid Godil is out of danger: Dr. Jahanzeb Mughal


KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) injured Member National Assembly Rashid Godil showed a significant sign of improvement after he was taken off ventilator at ICU of Liaqat National Hospital (LNH).


“He talked to me and his family members through sign language today. His blood pressure and memory are intact and each and every thing is stable… He is alert, feeling comfortable and is in good spirit,” Dr. Jahanzeb Mughal said.

“Mr. Godil is now out of danger. His condition has significantly improved as he has started breathing after we removed artificial breathing tube and ventilator at around 10am… He is very happy, he has no head or spine injury, we have advised him complete rest,” the doctor said.

Dr. Mughal said a panel of doctors was planning another surgery to remove a bullet from his lungs sometime tomorrow.

Earlier in the day, LNH spokesman Anjum Rizvi had told reporters that Godil was taken off ventilator for examination purpose to monitor whether he is showing any sign of improvement or not. Next 24 hours are very important for his life, Rizvi said.

On Tuesday, four attackers on motorcycles opened fire on his car in Bahadurabad area, critically wounding him and killing his driver.

He was struck by five bullets to his head, jaw and chest. The MQM leader is still battling for his life at the ICU, as a panel of doctors is monitoring his condition and trying to stabilise him.