Saad Rafique hints at ‘sabotage’ in Gujranwala train incident


GUJRANWALA: Federal Minister for Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafique has given wind to the rumour that sabotage may be at play in the Gujranwala train incident which claimed 12 lives on Thursday.


Rafique arrived at the scene of the incident and after taking stock of the situation briefed the media. He brushed aside rumours that the bridge was too old and collapsed under the weight of the train.

He explained that bridges are checked four times in a year and that the bridge in question was checked in January and was found to be without fault.

Rafique told journalists that according to procedure, if any train-driver feels a bridge or crossing is unstable he immediately reports it to the control room. However, the Pakistan Express which passed over the bridge earlier in the day did not report any such problem, he added.

Rafique hinted that it seemed something had caused the bridge to collapse, hinting at sabotage, but refrained from sharing any more details.

Accompanied by Pakistan Railway engineers, Rafique said the engineers will conduct a detailed investigation and will submit their report.

He added that while the assistant fireman was rescued the train driver has not been so lucky. He feared that the death toll could be as high as 14.

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