SC seeks answer from govt regarding LB polls in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday demanded from the government an answer to whether it is ready to hold Local Government elections in Islamabad.


The apex court resumed the hearing of the Islamabad LG polls case today.

Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja questioned why only the people of Islamabad have been deprived of LG polls.

Khawaja went on to say that he will be blunt today and requires solid answers in writing, adding that all other bills are given priority in Parliament except for this one.

Justice Khawaja further said that a bill relating to finance was just passed in Parliament. He said we cannot question Parliament but we can question the government.

Khawaja also said that LG elections have already been held in Balochistan as well as Cantonment Board and furthermore the schedule for Sindh and Punjab LG polls have been submitted.

On Tuesday, the SC had sought the 2002 LG election notification from the Attorney General immediately.

Justice Khawaja had said that the court needs to be informed if the polls cannot be held.