SC tells provinces to serve the Nadra to register stranded, orphan children

The Supreme Court addressed the four provincial chief to serve the NADRA in the registration of stranded and orphan children – ISLAMABAD.


The head of an orphanage where such a child lives is qualified to become that child’s legal guardian by providing an affidavit, under the new policy.This substitutes the previous pattern of proceeding to the relevant court to seek guardianship certificates for each such minor.

NADRA has been centering on the registration of children, particularly those residing in orphanages.

NADRA has been pointing on the registration of children, especially those residing in orphanages. Kundi up to date the apex court that NADRA wrote letters to nearly 31 institutions in accordance with the list furnished by the Ministry of Social Welfare to register the organizations with NADRA.

Agreeing to the NADRA orphan policy every citizen in or outside Pakistan who has reached 18 years age shall register himself with the office.

The counsel for Nadra said that with the implementation of NIS application, new module had been introduced through that children with known and unknown origin would be registered for issuance of a Child Registration Certificate (CRC).


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