Scotland Yard confirms ‘authenticity’ of document related to Sarfaraz Merchant


LONDON: The Scotland Yard on Wednesday confirmed the authenticity of Sarfaraz Merchant’s statement to London Metropolitan Police.


Scotland Yard warned that the leakage of such documents could have a “possible prejudicial effect” on the “ongoing police investigation”.

The spokesman further said: “We are not investigating a possible leak in relation to this matter and will not be drawn into discussing any further documents that may be given to the media by third parties.”

Sarfraz Merchant is currently being investigated by Scotland Yard for the money laundering case involving the MQM and other suspects, among others, include Altaf Hussain, Muhammad Anwar and Tariq Mir.

On Tuesday, a “pre-interview briefing paper” was leaked on social media carrying the name of Sarfraz Merchant as the interviewee.

The pre-interview briefing issued on the letterhead of London Metropolitan Police also contained the names of officials Stuart Mathews and Stephen Waterworth.

The document suggests that the interview was recorded on April 15, 2015.