Sons of ex-Lal Masjid cleric arrested with weapons, military uniforms

Islamabad Rasheed Ghazi Sons

ISLAMABAD: In a joint action on Wednesday, Rangers and police in Islamabad recovered weapons and military uniforms from Haroon and Haris Rasheed—the two sons of former Lal Masjid cleric Ghazi Abdul who was killed in a military operation in 2007.


Police at the Kohsar station told our correspondent that Haroon and Haris had just left their residence when law enforcers stopped their vehicle and carried out a thorough checking, upon which they recovered weapons and military commando outfits.

Both suspects were immediately taken to the Kohsar police station where, sources said that, further investigation and interrogation was underway.

Sources said, according to initial reports, the two informed police that they used the commando uniforms for hunting and photography and that they were on their way to Rajanpur.

Further interrogation was still underway at the time of filing of this report.