Technical fault in Kanupp to worsen power crisis in Karachi: K-Electric


KARACHI: The city’s primary electricity provider K-Electric has announced that power shortfall in Karachi has worsened after a technical fault led to the shut down of Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (Kanupp), the atomic power plant that provides electricity to the metropolis.


K-Electric claimed on its Twitter account Monday that electricity demand in the city has reached 3000MW while generation is being “severely affected” due to the non-operational status of Kanupp and the shortage of gas pressure required by the plants.

According to the advisory, in light of the current situation and due to the increased electricity demand, those areas which previously did not face power cuts will now face three hours of loadshedding, an alleged attempt to prevent loadshedding in other areas of the area from increasing beyond 7.5 hours.

K-Electric also urged its consumers to conserve electricity by avoiding unnecessary use of electronic devices.

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