28 Baloch rebels including four commanders surrender in Quetta


QUETTA: Four commanders along with 24 other militants laid down their arms and surrendered to authorities on Wednesday.


The militants laid down their weapons at a function held by provincial minister Nawab Changaiz Marri.

“We appreciate that the militants have surrendered and have announced their decision to join peaceful lives,” said Marri on the occasion.

The militants who surrendered today belonged to various militant organisations and were active in Kohlu and other areas of Balochistan.

“Those targeting innocent people cannot be referred to as ‘angry Baloch’, they should be called terrorists,” remarked Marri.

“I stand for peace and development of the country,” he added.

Tribal elders from various clans of Marri tribe were also present at the occasion.

The government also announced amnesty for the militants adopting peaceful lives and they will be integrated in Balochistan.

Pakistan’s largest province — which borders Iran and Afghanistan — is riven by sectarian strife and Islamist violence.

Its roughly seven million inhabitants have long complained they do not receive a fair share of its gas and mineral wealth.

Baloch separatists demanding more autonomy and control over gas and mineral resources have frequently targeted security forces and police for years.