Institutions must not exceed their domain: Hasil Bizenjo

ISLAMABAD: National Party (NP) Chief Hasil Bizenjo on Sunday said that State Institutions must work in their domain, as he was addressing to the journalist fraternity in Islamabad Press Club, NewsOne reported.


Once again he lamented on the election of  Sadiq Sanjrani as the Senate Chairman, adding that he always advocated the narrative for the state institutions to remain in their domain, without elaborating what he meant while saying this.

Sadiq Sanjrani was elected Senate Chairman as Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf extended their support to the Baloch independent Senators, causing  a greeter upset for Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz), which failed to make its fielded candidate Raja Zafar-ul Haq as the Chairman Senate, last Monday.

Following this surprising victory, PML(N) hurled fierce allegations on both PTI, PPP for taking orders from somewhere else, and this all was done to marginalize PML(N) on someone behest.

Hasi Bizenjo is considered to be close with PML(N as he was also the serving minister in Nawaz Sharif’s cabinet.

Bizenjo on last Monday commenting on the election of top Senate slots lamented that the parliament has been defeated today.

“The parliament has been completely defeated. It has been proved today that some forces are more supreme than the parliament,” he said in his speech after the election of the new chairman and deputy chairman of the house.


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