NCOC Shows Concern Over COVID Rising Cases


Web Desk: So far the COVID-19 has claimed 13 lives during the last 24 hours throughout the country as reported by NewsOne. The total number of cases throughout the country have reached an alarming 326,216. According to the official tally, out of 28,534 tests sampled yesterday 736 came positive for the said virus.

This constant rise of the COVID-19 cases on a daily basis as reported by NewsOne sources shows an unexpected rise according to the ratio, which was not expected earlier.

NCOC meeting session at Islamabad chaired by Asad Omar, showed critical concern over the numbers of Corona Virus affectees. Officials from the NCOC (National Command and Control Centre) the main department tasked with handling of the pandemic in Pakistan, held the meeting today on Friday. The officials discussed as to how to deal with the rising numbers of the said virus and its constant growth again.

The body noted that “Forum took notice that it is the fifth continuous day that positivity ratio is on the increase,” according to the press release issued by the NCOC following the meeting.

Because of this sudden escalating number of both the cases and the rising toll of deaths due to the Corona Virus, the session pondered over the fact that this may be the beginning of the second wave of the said virus and took under consideration the measures which can be taken to curb the situation.

The NCOC verified the cities and towns where the virus is affecting the most.

The concern over the rising numbers of hospital admissions in various provinces was also noted. The NCOC was also informed that there has been a marked increase in the number of critical patients being admitted to hospitals as well.

The body was also told that the country’s present case fatality rate has reached a 2.06%, compared to the global rate which stands at 2.72%.

The forum was also briefed by the Punjab chief secretary regarding the increasing figures in the province.

A day earlier at the cabinet meeting the same had come under review and was discussed as reported by NewsOne earlier.
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Government officials have expressed concern about the rising positivity ratio in the country, even though it is still below the 5% threshold set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“These are unmistakable signs of rising coronavirus” as was quoted by Asad, Minister for and Planning Development when the positivity ratio hit 2.37% on October 15.


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