School Bus Smashed Leaving Several in Critical Condition

WebDesk: Lahore a Dumper Truck smashed into a school bus early today on the city’s main Raiwaind Road. The incident injured at least two young female students severely leaving them maimed and several injured.


The grievous incident along with maiming the two young girls left another in a severely critical condition while yet another with serious head injuries. The cases were immediately shifted to Lahore Jinnah Hospital, according to sources.

As for the girls with very serious injuries, the superintendent of the hospital said it was sad that the two girls aged 11 and 13 may not be able to get their arms reattached to their bodies.

Hopefully, they may be able to get prosthetic extensions for their loss.

It was seen that the Dumper Truck was coming at a very high speed taking out the school bus headed towards a welfare school as reported by rescue 1122 of the province.

Along with a number of students a teacher was also subjected to serious injuries and was treated timely at the hospital by the staff.

Authorities have already launched a probe into the matter.


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