A democracy-friendly Premier can fight better for Kashmir cause: Bilawal

SKARDU: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Sunday claimed that no “selected prime minister” can fight for the Kashmir cause the way a “democracy friendly” premier can.


Addressing a press conference in Skardu, Bilawal said there was no comparison between the military occupation in occupied Kashmir and the undermining of democracy and human rights in Pakistan.

He said, nonetheless, if Pakistan had been investing in democracy and a third “real [democratically elected] government” was in power, they could fight for the Kashmir cause with moral authority.

Bilawal said it was important that he raises his voice for Kashmir at every possible opportunity while also seeing the reaction of the people.

Pakistanis know that a “historic injustice” is taking place in occupied Kashmir and that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a murderer, said PPP chairperson. However, he added that people also know that Prime Minister Imran Khan does not have the capability or legitimacy to provide the people of occupied Kashmir or Gilgit Baltistan with their rights.

Bilawal asked how the premier could talk about injustice in occupied Kashmir and about media restrictions in the disputed region if he has imposed “historic media restrictions in his own country”.

“How can he speak about restrictions of human rights in occupied Kashmir when he has restricted human rights?” he questioned, adding: “How can he speak about democracy in occupied Kashmir when he has led the funeral of democracy in his is own country?”


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