Abid’s foul-mouthing would enhance political frictions: Chandio

LAHORE: Pakistan Peoples Party leader Moula Bakhsh Chandio has expressed that the political differences should not be transformed into a fight.


He lambasted Abid Sher Ali and let it be known that owing to the Abid’s foul-mouthing, the political frictions would enhance even more.

PPP leader expressed that Abid Sher Ali is not even aware of the politics and his foul-mouthing is extremely inappropriate.

He cleared out that PML-N wants to get away with Panamagate case; however the case won’t spare N-League that easy.

Moula Bakhsh Chandio warned that if Nawaz Sharif couldn’t stop Abid Sher Ali from using such an inappropriate language, he would ask his leader to stop consultation with PML-N over any sort of matter.

Chandio professed that Lahore is our home and the birthplace of Pakistan Peoples Party.

He expressed that Bilawal is a name of fear for PML-N.

Chandio revealed that all those who predicted the end of PPP have ended themselves.


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