After batons and water cannons, protesting teachers campout in redzone


KARACHI: Teachers from government schools in interior Sindh took the streets of the provincial capital on Wednesday refusing to budge until their demands were met. Upon entering the red-zone they were met with a firm state response which came in the form of tear gas shelling and batons and finally the wrath of the water cannon.


The protestors were demanding regularization of teachers inducted in 2010, releasing salaries of teachers that have passed the national test system (NTS) scrutiny, pension for retired teachers and gratuity for the families of teachers that have passed away as well as the removal of the provincial education secretary.

Provincial Education Minister Nisar Khuhro responded that the teachers demands can be addressed through negotiation but first the teachers must get themselves registered to use the biometric attendance monitoring system to track their presence on duty.

Khuhro made it clear that until the teachers are registered to use the biometric attendance system, salaries will not be dispersed and none of their demands will be heard.

The standoff continues, with the protesting teachers now camping out in the red zone near the Chief Minister House. With both sides firm, refusing to budge it is unclear if the protest will end tonight.