Aitzaz calls for forensic audit by international firm on Panama leaks


LAHORE: Eminent lawyer and senior leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Senator Aitzaz Ahsan on Sunday called for a forensic audit of the Panama Papers, rejecting the idea that the task should be assigned to a sitting judge of the country’s top court.


Speaking to media here today, he said the audit should be carried out through an international audit firm instead of a sitting or a retired judge.

“Neither a sitting judge nor a retired judge could do the job as judges remain confined to their rooms,” said Ahsan. He said only experts form an international firm could ascertain as to how the money was transferred.

The PPP senator called for accountability of all the individuals whose names are included in the tax documents leaked from the Panamanian firm Mosack Fonseca. “Family of our prime minister has also been found involved, and his son Hussain Nawaz has admitted to owning offshore companies,” he said.

He said Pakistan’s money should be brought back from wherever it has been stashed abroad.

The PPP stalwart also expressed mistrust about Nawaz Sharif by citing past investigations into the matters involving the incumbent prime minister.

He said that, according to the Supreme Court decision in the Asghar Khan case, Sharif received Rs9.5 from intelligence agencies in the 1990s.