Ajit Doval calls Pakistan’s NSA, complains on Abdul Basit’s statement


LAHORE: The Indian government is upset over Pakistan’s High Commissioner Abdul Basit’s earlier statements. Indian National Security Adviser NSA) Ajit Doval contacted his Pakistani counterpart Nasir Khan Janjua Friday. The Indian NSA expressed his dissatisfaction over Basit’s remarks and kept complaining about the matter.


According to the Indian media, Doval contacted Pakistan’s NSA late at night. He stated that Pakistan should reject the High Commissioner’s statement.

The Indian media has also claimed that the statement may also negatively affect the upcoming expected visit of Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi if Pakistan does not takes a clear stance over the issue.

Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit, in a talk with the media, had earlier stated that Pakistan is desirous of peaceful relations with its neighbor but India was not cooperating on any level.

Basit added that India is not willing for comprehensive talks with Pakistan, which was why the peace process remained suspended between both countries.

The High Commissioner had further stated that the arrest of the Indian RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav was a confirmation of Pakistan’s stance and suspicions.