Ali Muhammad Khan (State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs): Being Muslims, believing in finality of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) is obligatory upon us. We should talk and engage with them to sensitize about the issue. We should make sure that more than one billion Muslims around the world are not offended by such acts. We want that issue of blasphemy is dealt in the same manner in West as holocaust is protected. Dr Dost Muhammad (Islamic Scholar): Prime Minister Imran Khan knows very well the Western world and that is why he has come up with a wise approach. The Prime Minister rightly said that it will not make any difference if Pakistan expels French ambassador, rather, it will matter more when whole Muslim Ummah unites and all Islamic countries convey a strong message to the West that they will boycott their products if blasphemous acts are not stopped. Prime Minister Imran Khan vociferously raised the issue of Islamophobia at the UN General Assembly session and apprised the world of the sensitivity of the issue for the Muslims. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai (Rector International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI):The Muslim countries need to forget their minor differences and carry out a collective campaign to sensitize the West regarding the dangers of Islamophobia. Pakistan is making efforts to unite the Muslim world and eradicate the menace of Islamophobia. Islamic International University has established a center to counter the anti-Islam narrative prevailing in the west.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Monday said the collective voice of whole Muslim world and threat for trade boycott could put a stop to blasphemy as protest demonstrations would damage nothing but Pakistan’s booming economy.


“Will expulsion of French ambassador and cutting ties with them will stop this (blasphemy)?. Is there any guarantee that no one will do it again?. I guarantee, if Pakistan does it (expels French envoy). I know the west. If Pakistan does it, some other Europen country will do it again in name of freedom of expression,” the prime minister said in his televised address to the nation.

Referring to the protest demonstrations by Tahreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan, amidst their negotiations with the government, the prime minister said the riots had killed four police personnel, injured another over 800, 40 police vans were gutted besides damage to private properties.
He said though the objective of the government and TLP was to get rid of the blasphemy, the latter’s approach was counter-productive.

“When we will expel French ambassador and cut ties, it means we will cut ties with whole of European Union. This means half of our textile exports will come down. This will create unemployment and rupee will be under pressure thus creating inflation and poverty. We will be on losing end, not France,” the prime minister remarked.

The prime minister said contrary to the TLP’s strategy of getting the demands fulfilled through agitation, he viewed that the heads of all Muslim states should make it clear at the forums in European Union and western states as why the Muslims got hurt by the blasphemy.

“West does not understand. They do not even love the prophets the way we do with our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Even, they are not attached to religion (the way we are). They will have to be made it understood,” he said.

He made it clear that protest demonstrations would make difference only to Pakistan, not France.

He said currently, Pakistan’s economy was on boom with its large scale industry getting better, creating jobs and wealth and rupee getting strengthened.

He said last week, a party tried to show as they loved the Holy Prophet more than they did.


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