All Pakistanis in Belgium are safe: Pakistani Envoy


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Ambassador to Belgium Nagmana Hashmi has said that all Pakistanis are safe in today’s blasts in Brussels.


At least 32 people were killed and scores of others were wounded in multiple blasts in the Belgium capital today.

Speaking to media by telephone from Brussels on Tuesday, Ambassador Nagmana said that Pakistan embassy was in touch with ‘Belgium Crisis Management Cell’ in order to deal with any emergency situation.

Initial reports had been sent to Foreign Office while a help center had also been established in the embassy, she said.

To a question, she said that high level security had been provided to Pakistani embassy by the Belgium government.

The envoy said that Pakistanis were an important part of the society and peaceful citizen of the country. “Many Pakistanis are serving this country in different walks of life”, she said.

“We are thoroughly in touch with all the security agencies, officials and media representatives and they will be informed about every occurring situation as soon as possible”, she said.

Ms Hashmi advised all the Pakistanis in Belgium to avoid travel unnecessarily and must follow the directions of Belgium government.

She said that help line numbers had been provided on social media and on the website of Pakistani embassy and people could contact on those numbers to know about thier loved ones here in Belgium.