Anyone can approach court if NAB doesn’t abide by its laws: Rana Mashood


LAHORE: Education Minister Rana Mashood lashed out at National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and apparently warned that anyone could approach court if the department does not abide by the law.


The Education Minister visited a centre for matriculation exams in the provincial capital however snapped over functioning of the accountability bureau.

He demanded an action against bureau’s officials for defaming people for several years. The minister said that anyone could approach a court against the accountability authority if it does not take into account its own laws.

The provincial minister further said that he has nothing to hide and does not fear any legal action against him. He asked the department to explain ‘tossing turbans’ of respected people for years on mere accusations.

Mashood said that there is a time limit for the department to abide by and conclude inquiry and other investigations pertaining to any case. However, the bureau has been after him for many months despite court s verdict in the matter.

It should be noted here that National Accountability Bureau’s actions against influential people has concerned the government in the recent past.

Reports that surfaced earlier stated that Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif did not comment on NAB’s working until its hands were restricted to Sindh. However, as soon as the department dedicated its resources to dig corruption and other references against officials in Punjab, the Prime Minister allegedly expressed resentment.

In an address earlier PM Nawaz had criticised the bureau and called for reforms in its functioning.

However, different ruling party’s representatives including Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah came to the fore to explain Prime Minister’s statement. He had said that PM Nawaz’s statement should not be taken as criticism but a recommendation.

Prime Minister s statement attracted comments from several politicians. Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid, while talking to the media in the federal capital had said that “lion’s tail has been stepped over by a hippopotamus.”

Other notable figures that were detained by the department include tycoon Mian Mansha and Lahore Metro bus project’s contractor.