As a result of NAP, security situation improved across the country: Ch Nisar


ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan says National Action Plan against terrorism is an agenda for security of Pakistan and there should be no politics over it.


In a statement on National Action Plan in the Senate on Wednesday evening, he said the plan is a shared responsibility as ten out of twenty points relate to provinces, eight to different ministries and others with the Military and the Intelligence Agencies.

Nisar added there is satisfactory progress on fifteen points and slow on the remaining five.

The Minister said there are twenty thousand students in both registered and unregistered seminaries of the federal capital.

In the past, seminaries were established even on green belts but the present government has not allowed construction of any seminary without proper permission.

The minister said as a result of NAP, marked improvement has been witnessed in security situation across the country.