Attempts are being made to implement minus 2 formula against MQM(P): Farooq Sattar

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement Farooq Sattar said after successfully implementing minus 1 formula against MQM(P) leadership, Minus 2 formula is being deliberated, NewsOne reported.


He was addressing to a political rally gathered in Liaquatabad celebrating party foundation day (Yaum-e-Tasees), a faction of MQM(P) in a separate public gathering, whereas other disgruntled group of MQM(Bahadurabad) showed its strength in Nisheter Park,  also claiming that plots are designed to bring a replica of ‘Haqeeqi’ formula.( Haqeeqi is a defected group which had left Altaf Hussain(Founding leader) led MQM in early 19990’s).

He expressed his sadness that two foundation day is being observed, calling his party members to re unite and set aside differences.





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