Awan accuses Sindh govt officials of engaging in ‘divisive politics’ amid coronavirus pandemic

ISLAMABAD: The government’s chief spokesperson Firdous Ashiq Awan on Wednesday said that the political leadership in Sindh is “engaging in divisive politics” at a time the country is battling the coronavirus outbreak.


The premier’s aide on information said that the Sindh government representatives are “dividing the nation”.

“The National Coordination Committee made decisions to ensure everyone is on the same page,” said Awan, adding that except for Sindh every province followed the decisions.

“The Sindh chief minister is creating fear instead of giving hope,” she said.

She said the Sindh government, “in the exercise of its autonomy, must not forget its responsibilities”.

“It must think of the poor people who have been forced to go hungry.”

“What did you achieve from the lockdown? There were more deaths,” she said, adding that the province had recorded more cases in proportion to its population.

Dr Awan said that there is a lapse on policy implementation in Sindh, adding that the provincial government should “witness firsthand the realities on the ground”.

Earlier in the day, CM Shah called for the provincial and federal governments to get on the same page to tackle challenges arising out of the coronavirus epidemic in the country.

“During our meeting with the federal government yesterday, we asked for a uniform policy to deal with the situation,” Shah said while addressing a press conference in Karachi.

The chief minister added that there were some issues that the provinces and the federal government did not agree on.

“Some provinces and the federal government agreed that some essential workplaces should reopen. We did not agree to open shops for barbers, plumbers, electricians etc,” he said.

“We did, however, agree that plumbers and electricians — those travelling to homes to provide services — be allowed, provided they are following the SOPs issued by the government,” he said.

“We all agreed to restart the automobile sector and domestic flights with the implementation of decided SOPs. We, however, suggested that the federal government wait for another two weeks before resuming domestic flight operations,” he said.

“We cannot understand the need to open the construction sector at the moment,” Shah said, referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision in this regard.


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