Bilawal asks provinces to protect women, minorities rights


UMARKOT: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto on Thursday called on provincial governments to follow Sindh government in protecting women and minorities rights.


“We were the first to announce Holi holiday in Pakistan and declared 18-year minimum age for girls marriages,” said Bilawal Bhutto while addressing a gathering in connection of Holi in Umarkot.

He said that they believe in equality. Sindh was the first provincial government to approve Hindu marriage act.

“We want to create Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan the same Pakistan about which Jinnah said that, You are now free to go to mosques and your prayer places.

We will work together for Pakistan and every person’s religion is their personal matter” said PPP chairman.

He said that they don’t want to divide Pakistan into sects and classes, we believe in a united Pakistan.

He invited other provinces to create proper laws for minorities. We were the first to give protection to women through domestic violence act, he added.

“I believe that Islam gives respect to women and treats them as equal and while we worked for the empowerment of women order political parties are staging dramas,” he added, “Despite that the Punjab Women Protection Act is not a strong act I still congratulate Pakistan Muslim League (N).”

Drawing upon various religious incidents and historical references from Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life he highlighted the importance of women’s achievement throughout history.

He said that Fatima Jinnah supported her brother Quaid-e-Azam, Nusrat Bhutto helped her husband Zulfiqar Bhutto and his mother Benazir Bhutto made the nation proud when she was elected the first women prime minister of Pakistan.

He also ordered the Federal Government to initiate a gas project for Umarkot promising the citizens of Umarkot that he would stand by them at all costs.

He said that if the Federal Government fails to initiate this project he will initiate a protest with the people of Umarkot.

He announced a public gathering in Rahim Yar Khan on March 26.