Bilawal promises to make Kashmir ‘The Valley of Benazir’

MUZAFFARABAD, AJK: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has promised to people of Azad Kashmir that if they would elect PPP in coming election he would make Kashmir ‘Waadi e Benazir (The valley of Benazir).


“If the valley would look like Benazir, it would be like a mother,” he said.

Addressing a public rally Friday at Muzaffarabad, he urged the people to vote for PPP, vote for a peaceful Kashmir, and vote for Bilawal.

He said PPP has clear stance on terrorism. We are against all the terrorists, including Modi and TTP.

“Height of brutality is that lethal pellets are being fired on Kashmir children but Nawaz Sharif has turned a blind eye to it. Nawaz Sharif is silent over the Indian forces’ atrocities with the women,” he said.

He questioned for how many times has Nawaz Sharif raised Kashmir issue on international forum in 3 years?

“If PPP didn’t raise the voice against Indian brutality, PM would not even announce solidarity with Kashmiris,” he maintained.

While lambasting at finance minister Ishaq Dar, Bilawal Bhutto said the personal accountant of Nawaz Sharif now makes the economic policies of Pakistan.

He said finance minister himself accepted that government has failed to meet any targets in 3 years.

“The economic policies of PMLN are for the rich, not for the poor. Under PMLN government, rich is getting richer and the poor poorer,” he claimed.

Bilawal Bhutto said all the human development projects like BISP, Waseela Haq/Rozgar, CPEC, Gwadar, IP gas pipeline were given by PPP.

“The biggest projects in the history of Kashmir have also been given by the PPP,” he said.


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