Bilawal terms Modi as Butcher

KARACHI: Drawing a reference between the 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat riots and the atrocities of Indian forces in held-Kashmir during last three months, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Sunday stated the butcher of Gujarat has become butcher of Kashmir.


In a tweet, Bilawal said “The butcher of Gujarat has become butcher of Kashmir and wants to lecture us on terrorism?” reacting to Saturday’s speech of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he called Pakistan a terror-sponsoring state while vowing to isolate Islamabad internationally.

The PPP chairman further urged world leaders to work together to stop the tyranny of the Indian Prime Minister.

Over 100 unarmed protesters have been killed by Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir since extrajudicial killing of pro-freedom fighter Burhan Wani in the first week of July. The killing resulted in demonstrations across the state which still remain continue despite imposition of curfew.

Earlier in 2002, over 2500 Muslims were killed in weeks-long anti-Muslim riots in India’s Gujarat state. Narendra Modi was then Chief Minister of the state. Officials confirmed crimes committed during the violence included murders, rapes, children being burned alive, and widespread looting and destruction of property.


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