Bizarre Political Drama: MQMP member Shazia Farooq swallowed sleeping pills following ‘horse trading’ allegations

KARACHI: In a bizarre event which is witnessed very rarely in politics, Muttahida Qaumi Movement(Pakistan) MPA Shazia Farooq swallowed huge amount of sleeping spills after being disheartened by the allegations of ‘horse trading’ hurled by MQM(P) leadership against its own MPAs in Senate Elections, 2018.


Shazia was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital from her home in Patni Mohalla of Baldia Town, a senior medico egal official of the hospital, Saleem Shaikh told Media.

However he confirmed that the aggrieved MPA did take sleeping pills and was admitted in ‘Intense Care Unit’, however in Morning her condition became stable.

On Saturday MQM(P) senior leader Farooq Sattar alleged that the PPP had bought some MQM-P members in their attempt to secure the most number seats in the election.

As a result of Sattar’s allegations, Shazia and fellow MPA Naila Munir had released video statements in which they said that they were frustrated and angry because of the differences in the party and the persistence of Dr Sattar in nominating Kamran Tessori, who was the main reason behind the split, for the Senate.

Both of them had made it clear that they did not vote for the MQM-P, but claimed that they did not make any deal to sell their vote.


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