Bus-truck collision in Lasbela leaves five dead, injures 14

Bus accident

LASBELA: Collision between passenger bus and truck in Lasbela left at least five dead and 14 injured, reported on Tuesday.


The incident took place when the bus was en route to Karachi from Quetta and rammed in to a truck near Lesbela’s Bela area. The mishap took lives of five people and injured 14 others.

Arriving at the scene, rescue team immediately shifted the injured people to the Athol hospital.

According to the hospital staff, the injured are out of danger.

Deadly accidents are common on roads across Pakistan due to bad road infrastructure and rampant disregard of traffic laws.

Over 9,000 road accidents are reported to the police every year, killing on average around 5,000 people, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.