Change Is A Continuous Struggle, PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan said yesterday that bringing about change was a continuous struggle that one can retire from only at death.


Addressing digital media representatives in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said ‘change’ was not a switch that could be turned on at one’s whim.

Hence it is inevitable.

The prime minister said that out of 220 million people in Pakistan only 3,000 pay 70 per cent taxes.

“Half of the taxes we (the government) collect go in debt settlement of loans taken by previous governments,” the PM reiterated.

“My life would be a lot easier if I give the opposition the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), but it would be disastrous for Pakistan,” he said in the same breath.

PM Imran added that the country was at a decisive point. “Our exports were growing, the construction industry was thriving,” he said, adding that the service industry was still in crisis all over the world at the moment.


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