Contempt Case: SC accepts Tallal’s request for digital record of alleged ‘anti judiciary’ speech

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered Additional Attorney Aeneral to provide CD which contains the digital record of Tallal Chaudhry ‘anti judiciary’ speech he has allegedly made in various Tv shows and in Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) political gathering.


The request was accepted following request  of Talll’s counsel Kamran Murtaza, seeking court to provide his client digital record of speeches against judiciary as the transcript provided by Supreme court of Pakistan in last hearing was not sufficient.

A three-judge bench headed by Supreme Court Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan then conceded to the request.

However, the apex court then adjourned the hearing till 8 March, and exempting Minister of State for interior affairs Tallal to appear owing to his commitment.


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