Contempt Case: Supreme Court accepts Nehal Hashmi’s unconditional apology

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Nehal Hashmi once again pleaded and apologised to Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar today as a three-member bench resumed hearing contempt of court case against him.


“In the future, I will try to be careful even in the privacy of my home,” Hashmi assures court.

Supreme Court of Pakistan had issued a fresh Contempt of Court notice to Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) stalwart Nehal Hashmi  over his alleged outburst against the honorable apex’s court judges outside the ‘Adiala Jail’, after he was released on February 28th after serving one month imprisonment in Contempt case NewsOne had reported.

Nehal Hashmi’s video outside the Adial Jail premises went viral where he was seen abusing the honorary court.

During the hearing Nehal told Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar that “I am very hyper, usually do acting while observing the sentiments of the people around,” adding that his children would not have food to eat if he is again convicted.

He requested the court not to cancel his ‘legal practice license’ as his children would starve to death.

The apology came after representatives and leaders of bar associations pleaded the Supreme Court on Tuesday to show kindness and forgive Hashmi, a member of the bar and disqualified senator.

Convicted PML(N) leader Hashmi challenged his disqualification in Supreme Court, which he was awarded by the apex court after being convicted on contempt charges for 5 years.

He was de-seated from the Senate seat for 5 years as well.

Nehal Hashmi was sentenced to one month imprisonment on contempt case as the former threatened the apex court judges who formed  Joint investigation Team against the former premier Nawaz Sharif to investigate the offshore companies in Panama Papers Case.

Hashmi threatened the honorable judges to face repercussions if they don’t relinquish the case against Nawaz.

In his apology, Hashmi said he accepts what the bar leaders have said and asked for forgiveness and mercy from the court. “I will never say anything regarding you [chief justice] anywhere,” he assured the Supreme Court.

“We are thankful to the court for taking our input,” said the SCBA (Supreme Court Bar Association) president, adding that if they cannot safeguard state institutions then it is their failure.

Pakistan Bar Counsil Vice Chairman Kamran Murtaza, who withdrew his representation from defending Hashmi earlier, said had these words been used for someone else they still would not have defended them.

During the hearing, Rizvi informed the court that Hashmi’s licence to practice law has been cancelled for three months by the Sindh bar.

The court, however, directed Hashmi to submit a written apology.

At the last hearing of the case yesterday, the court had replayed a video clip of Hashmi’s controversial remarks against the judiciary.

In response to Hashmi’s plea for forgiveness, the chief justice had remarked, “how can you appeal for leniency,” adding that if he [chief justice] was in Hashmi’s place, he would have drowned in a fist full of water.


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