Coronavirus lockdown still in effect and will be more strictly enforced, says Murtaza Wahab

The Sindh chief minister’s law adviser, Senator Murtaza Wahab, on Thursday sought to dispel the notion that there has been an easing in lockdown restrictions imposed across Sindh.


In a video message, Wahab said that “following announcements made by the prime minister, a false impression has developed that the lockdown is now over”.

“Yesterday, the chief minister made it categorically clear in his press conference that the lockdown is still in effect and will be even more vigorously enforced than before in Sindh,” he said.

Wahab said that the only difference between the earlier lockdown measures and the new measures in effect is that “some export-oriented industries and some industries in the construction sector” have been granted exemption on “the prime minister’s insistence”.

“The Sindh chief minister decided to grant exemption to these two sectors on the premier’s request,” explained the law adviser.

“But I will reiterate what the Sindh chief minister already made clear yesterday: not everyone has been granted an exemption.”

He said that only those businesses which fall under the aforementioned categories, who will follow the established SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), and submit an undertaking to the Sindh government, will be allowed to operate.

“And during this time, the Sindh government shall reserve the right to inspect their operations at any time so it can be ensured they are following the SOPs,” said Wahab.

“The impression that tailor shops and salons are now open is false and baseless. No decision has been made in this regard by either the federal government or the Sindh government,” he said, reiterating that the lockdown is still applicable for such businesses.

He asked the people to cooperate with the Sindh government in the enforcement of the lockdown and refrain from stepping out of their homes unnecessarily.

“Remember, by doing this, not only will you all protect yourselves but also protect your loved ones, your families, especially your elders.”


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