Court grants Abdullah’s custody to grandmother

KARACHI: Court has ordered authorities to give custody of two and a half years old Abdullah, a child who was left at Edhi centre by alleged murderer of his mother, to his maternal grandmother, reported Friday.


Abdullah was in care of Edhi welfare foundation for past two and a half months after he was handed over to Edhi administration on May 25 by a local named Rizwan who fled after the handover.

At the time, Rizwan claimed that he had rescued Abdullah from Sea View area.

According to the police, Rizwan strangled a woman named Haleema over an issue relating to rent of a flat she was staying in and shifted her child to Edhi centre later on.

Reportedly, Rizwan had planned to flee to downtown Sindh along with his wife, Sonia.

However, his wife was taken into custody in the following days and she claimed to not know her husband’s whereabouts.

Weeks after the incident surfaced, a Khanewal resident, Chaudhry Iqbal came to the fore with a claim that Abdullah was his child and Haleema was his ex-wife.

However, the kid never got close with his alleged father during several meetings in and out of the court.

Meanwhile, Abdullah’s maternal grandmother and uncle had urged the court to give them his custody.

Rizwan is in police custody and he is facing a trial.

Edhi Foundation, Pakistan’s largest welfare association has adopted and given shelter to hundreds of abandoned children across the country.


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