Court send Father, ex- husband to jail on 14-day remand in Samia Shahid murder case


JHELUM: Court on Monday sent prime suspect Chaudhry Shakeel, Samia Shahid’s first husband, and father Mohammad Shahid to jail for 14 days on judicial remand.


Police told the court earlier today that their work of evidence collection had been completed and sought to have Chaudhry Shakeel and Mohammad Shahid sent on judicial remand.

The court instructed police to present an interim challan for both the suspects in the next hearing.

The case hearing was adjourned to September 5.

Earlier this month, Samia Shahid’s first husband had confessed to strangulating her to death, police sources had confirmed.

“I strangled Samia to death using a dupatta,” Chaudhry Shakeel had said in a statement recorded with the police, according to sources.

Samia, originally from Bradford, had gone to visit her father in a village called “Poteh” near Dina on July 14. Her family, who are also British nationals, were in Pakistan following a bereavement within the family.

She was found dead on July 20 in mysterious circumstances.

Samia Shahid’s family insisted she died of a heart attack. Later they changed their statement to claim that she had committed suicide.

Samia Shahid’s husband Syed Mukhtar Kazam however maintained that she was the victim of so-called ‘honour killing’ because she had rebelled against wishes of the family, divorced her first husband Shakeel and married him in Bradford in 2014.