COVID-19 Cases Take a Plunge Once Again






According to sources, a full total of 2,458 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours bringing the count to 400,482.

With 67 new deaths the country’s COVID-19 death toll reached 8,091.



So far, a total of 343,286 people have recovered from the virus while the active number of cases stands at 49,105.

With 40,969 tests conducted across Pakistan, the positivity rate has reached 6%.

The country also reported 2,458 new infections, raising the total to 400,484. Out of 49,105 active coronavirus cases in the country, 2,165 are critically ill and 282 are on life-support systems, whereas, at least 343,286 have recovered from the virus.

Considering the number of cases over 6 week period, the health experts and authorities have raised serious concerns that the second wave may hit harder than the first if SOPs are not followed.

Comparison from the previous infections, the rate presently, stands at 7.2% while today’s rate is 6.0%.


AJ&K have the highest infection rate at 14.5%

Sindh, with 10.1%

Punjab 3.5%

Balochistan with 9.4%

Islamabad reported 4.3%

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 3.8%

Gilgit Baltistan 2.6% according to various news agencies.


NCOC has also issued the city-wise breakdown, which reveals that the highest case positivity rate was observed in Mirpur with 20.62%, followed by Peshawar at 19.58 and Hyderabad at 19.03%. Karachi recorded 13.9%, Abbottabad 11.21%, Multan 10.66%, and Rawalpindi 9.27%.

Since the time that the virus hit Pakistan, a total of 5,549,779 PCR tests have been conducted across the country – 40,969 tests in the past 24 hours only.

The vaccine for the said virus awaiting approval review has gone through the process and it is expected that Pakistan may soon receive the vaccine.


World Statistics

COVID-19 infections are still rising in the rest of the world with a count of 59 countries. There have been at least 63,022,000 reported infections and 1,465,000 reported deaths caused by the COVID-19 so far.

Of every 100 infections last reported around the world, more than 20 were reported from countries in Asia and the Middle East. The region is reporting a million new infections about every 10 days and has reported more than 16,629,000 since the COVID-19 pandemic began.With 158,904 new cases, alarmingly, United States reported the most infections in a day. India was second with 40,710 new infections while Brazil reported 35,467 and Russia 25,879.


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