Criminal Prosecution Service Bill Amendment challenged in SC


ISLAMABAD: Criminal Prosecution Bill Amendment 2016 on Saturday has been challenged in the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan.


The plea alleges the provincial government of misusing its authority. The case has Chief Minister (CM) Qaim Ali Shah, Chief Secretary and Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly, Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Khawaja Izharul Hassan as parties.

Earlier today, Qaim Ali Shah defended the amendment and said that the government is making efforts to bolster prosecution as it was pointed out in the Apex committee meeting.

The Chief Minister said that a wrong perception about prosecution bill is being propagated however, the court will have the final verdict in this regard.

Shah was addressing participants of a passing out parade ceremony of Eaglet Force held at Razzaqabad Police Training Centre.

He said that police have improved their performance in counter-terror strategies and actions. The provincial government and the police would jointly curb terrorism, he added. CM Shah said that protection of the people in Sindh is responsibility of all law enforcers and the government.

The Chief Minister said that the government has paid compensatory amounts to the families of police martyrs.

The government has increased funds for the martyrs’ families from Rs 12 billion to Rs 60 billion, he added.

Shah hoped that Sindh police would meet expectations of the people. He said that more than 80 percent crimes have been deterred in Karachi.

The Chief Minister said that Sindh’s prosecution was discussed in the meeting of the Apex committee and it was termed weak.
Shah further said that none should be blamed without any proof.

On Friday, the government passed the Prosecution Service Amendment Bill 2015. Accoridng to the law, the government can free any suspect by withdrawing the case against him.

A targeted operation led by Pakistan Rangers in ongoing in Karachi against criminals and terrorists. Some influential persons have been nabbed by the paramilitary force. The federal government is backing the operation however, tussle with the Sindh government has not found closure.