Dire consequences or Certificates of Honesty, CJP Nisar sets benchmark in Money Laundering Case

ISLAMABAD: Continuing the proceedings of the ongoing Money Laundering probe against 32 people alleged to be involved in an all encompassing corruption investigation, CJP Nisar headed the bench again and set the tone of the case moving forwards.


The Chief Justice of Pakistan on Monday warned that no one would be spared if they were found guilty of money laundering, as he resumed hearing a suo motu case concerning an investigation into fictitious transactions worth billions conducted through several mainstream banks via ‘benami’ (unnamed) accounts.

The former President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur are also among those named in the apparent fraud, Zardari’s close aide and friend to which Zardari himself has testified of being as such, Hussain Lawai, President and CEO of Summit Bank has already been taken into custody last month in connection with the ongoing investigations.

The court then summoned Omni Group of Companies sponsor and another of Zardari’s close aide Anwar Majeed and his family next Monday, August 13, in connection with the fake bank accounts case.

Talpur’s counsel Farooq H. Naik told the court that a lot of people were being defamed after being named in the probe by the Federal Investigative Agency, ‘I ask the court to order a stoppage of undue publicity of the case’, pleaded Naik.

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar remarked that the court would not support the FIA probe if the agency was found to be in the wrong with accordance to the allegations.

If money laundering was proven then the court would not spare anyone, the chief justice warned. If not proven, then the court would issue a certificate of honesty to the counsel’s client, CJP Nisar remarked to the lawyers plea.


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