Donkeys’ offal found near Clifton Driving License Branch in Karachi

KARACHI: The offal of three donkeys was found on Friday near Clifton Driving License Branch.


The revelation has created panic in the area that is the meat of donkeys is being sold in the area or it has different perspective.

As per details, three head of donkeys and their offal were found from a ‘Kachra Kundi’ near Clifton Driving License Branch this morning. It emerged that unidentified men after slaughtering the donkeys, fled away by throwing their offal.

The offal was removed by the sanitation staff of Clifton Cantonment Board.

Meanwhile, the police said they have initiated investigation into the matter and recorded initial statements of the people in the area.

Last year, in the month of April, police had arrested two men in Karachi allegedly selling hides of donkeys and dogs.

Police had said an Afghani, Abdul Hameed, and another man were arrested during a raid conducted on a tip-off at a godown in Korangi Industrial Area.

The suspects had concealed about 800 hides of dogs and donkeys stuffed in over 200 sacks, they said.

“The hides were collected from all over Pakistan and Afghanistan and then sent to China,” said the police.


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