Dr Asim claims he is paying price for someone else’s tussle


KARACHI: Former petroleum minister accused of terror facilitation, Dr Asim Hussain on Saturday said that he is innocent and is paying price for someone else’s tussle.


The accused talked to the media after hearing of a corruption reference against him worth Rs 462 billion.

Dr Hussain said that he is not well and is suffering of pain in the back for several days. Dr Asim added that Ijaz Chaudhry is alleged of signing summaries and not him. Even Chaudhry is innocent, the alleged corrupt politician claimed.

Accountability court (AC) adjourned the hearing until May 26 after recording statement of a witness and completion of cross-examination.

The witness named Mukhtar Ahmed is an employee of a company that audits Ziauddin Hospital, the medical facility owned by the accused. Ahmed presented a compilation of audit reports of Ziauddin Hospital from 2005 to 2015.

Dr Hussain was nabbed by Rangers in August 2015 from Sindh Higher Education Commission (HEC) office for allegedly treating terrorists and target killers backed by political parties in his hospital.