ECP terms PTI rally a blatant violation of code of conduct


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan on Friday declared Imran Khan’s rally in Islamabad a blatant violation of the code of conduct issued on the 19th of October this year under which, holding rallies and processions are not allowed.


According to the code of conduct, candidates may hold corner meetings in their areas after seeking permission from the relevant authorities.

The code of conduct further states that the prime minister, other ministers as well as members of the parliament cannot partake in the election campaign directly or indirectly.

Additionally, ministers and members of the parliament are not allowed to tour any union council.

The district returning officer (DRO) took notice of Imran Khan’s rally on Friday and the ECP may also take notice of the violation of the DRO’s orders by Imran Khan.

Furthermore sources have revealed that the Islamabad Capital Police is preparing to register a case against Imran Khan and is already consulting with the Election Commission in this regard. The sources add, that the rally in Islamabad was in violation of section 144.