Establishment-led conspiracies afoot to dismember party: MQM


LONDON: The Rabita (co-ordination) Committee of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Thursday accused the ‘Establishment’ of hatching conspiracies to eliminate the party.


In a statement issued here, MQM’s London based Committee said the party cannot be torn into pieces by ‘buying a handful of conscious merchants’, adding, the party chief Altaf Hussain resides in the hearts of MQM’s workers and supporters.

It said MQM’s parliamentary members are being blackmailed through a variety of ways and means to change their loyalties.

“Attempts are being made to buy their loyalties through threats of implication in criminal cases or by dolling out various baits,” said the statement.

It further said the party workers and people are well aware of under which elements of ‘Establishment’ the game of eliminating MQM is being played. The statement, however, added that it was impossible to buy off the conscientious and loyal workers of MQM.

The statement comes the same day when two more members of MQM denounced their membership and joined Mustafa Kamal during a press conference held at his DHA residence.

Waseem Aftab, member of the Rabita Committee and Iftikhar Alam, member of the Sindh Assembly denounced their affilation to the party which they called was “using them”.

Speaking to the media Aftab said that the MQM had converted the “Urdu-speaking people” into terrorists. “Mothers have lost sons, daughter have lost fathers.”