Federal cabinet agreed to tighten grip around sugar mafia: Sheikh Rasheed

Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad on Tuesday said that the federal cabinet has decided to tighten the noose around the sugar mafia.


In a conversation with the media, following a federal cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad, the minister vowed that the sugar mafia “will not be spared”.

“The arrest proceedings of these evil doers will be based on actions dating back to 1985,” he added.

Rasheed said that it was also decided that an investigation based on the sugarcane report will be carried out. “We will expose everyone’s unlawful deeds.”

“We are going to close in on all those who flout the law, the sugar mafia, money launderers, and smugglers. The cabinet has avowed no one will be spared,” he said.

“I said that those who present a clash of interests must not be in attendance during the meeting,” he added.

Meeting agenda

A meeting of the federal cabinet was convened to discuss among a host of issues, the upcoming federal budget and the coronavirus situation in the country.

The session began at 12pm at the Prime Minister House.

All government representatives, including the premier, strictly followed standard operating procedures to guard against the spread of COVID-19 — foremost of which is the use of a mask, which has been declared mandatory by the government.

Among other issues that formed the focus of the meeting were the country’s current political issues, as well as economic challenges.

Additionally, the cabinet discussed the progress in the upcoming federal budget for FY2020-21.

The cabinet was informed on the progress in the PIA plane crash investigation as well as the identification of bodies.

Furthermore, it was apprised of the locust swarm attacks on crops across the country. A joint presentation in this regard was given by National Disaster Management Authority and officials from the ministry of food security.

A nine-item agenda was been prepared for the session.

Among the items that were expected to be approved were:

– The construction of an Asian Development Bank office in Islamabad

– The appointment by deputation of the director general of the Financial Monitoring Unit

– Employees of the Utility Stores Corporation to be declared as essential workers

– Extension in deputation of district and sessions judge Muhammad Saad Qureshi at the banking court in Karachi

– Appointment of judicial officers

– Appointment of National Shipping Corporation chairman in Karachi

– Appointment of GHPL managing director

– Appointment of Central Power Purchasing Agency chief executive


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