FIA detains air hostess for helping human trafficker flee country


ISLAMABAD: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Thursday has apprehended wife of a human trafficker, an air hostess for aiding attempt of her husband to flee the country.


Ahtashamul Haq, a Pakistan national is included in the exit control list (ECL) however, immigration authorities let the culprit board the plane on Wednesday night.

The human smuggler was onboard PK-741 which was bound for Saudi Arabia.

The agency took action in the matter after airport security force (ASF) learnt the news. The airborne craft was called back to Benazir International Airport.

Haq was taken in custody while the air hostess was apprehended for the crime.

Earlier on January 5, the FIA had arrested two human traffickers from Islamabad during separate raids in the metropolis.

According to the details, security personnel launched operations at a bakery in Sardar area and arrested a human smuggler Yasir Qayyum. The officers confiscated documents from their possession.

Separately, the security men in a raid at a fake company apprehended another suspect in Chohar area.

The officers claimed of recovering as many as 22 passports and five driving licenses from the possession of the detainees.