FIA submits interim challan in ATC in Imran Farooq murder case


ISLAMABAD: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday has submitted an interim challan in Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Imran Farooq murder case.


Investigation over Imran Farooq murder case has entered into an important phase as FIA has presented an interim challan for the seventh time along with death certificate and other key documents.

The hearing was conducted by ATC judge Kausar Abbasi Zaidi in which, the security officials directly declared suspect Mohsin Ali as murderer while Moazzam Ali and Khalid Shamim were termed as facilitators.

The officials have also told the court that suspect Moazzam also financially assisted the assassination.

Investigation officer Shahzad Zafar said that Mohsin and Kashif Kamran stabbed Imran Farooq to death.

Subsequently, the court adjourned the hearing till May 12.

Earlier on December 31st of the previous year, Shamim and Mohsin Ali had confessed to the crime in front of the judicial magistrate in Pakistan.

Shamim had admitted that a key MQM personality wanted to get Farooq out of his way. He said that the directives to assassinate Farooq came from London.

Farooq, 50, a founding member of MQM was killed in a knife attack in Edgware, northwest London in September 2010.

He claimed asylum in Britain in 1999 and was wanted in Pakistan over different charges including torture and murder but always claimed the accusations were politically motivated.

He had twice been elected an MP in Pakistan, but went into hiding in 1992 when the government ordered a military crackdown against party activists in Karachi.