Fire in Karachi tyre factory yet to be put out after 24 hours


KARACHI: Firefighters have not been able to completely extinguish fire in a tyre factory in Gulbai area more than 24 hours after the incident happened, reported Saturday.


According to the Fire Brigade, rescuers have around 80 to 90 percent situation in control and cooling process is underway.

Tyres and rubber worth millions of Rupees have reduced to ashes in the incident.

West Senior Superintendent of Police stated that an action could be taken against warehouse’s owner for negligence.

He also said that the security agency could not neglect an extortion angle to the story.

Two factories and a warehouse had caught fire in a day in Karachi on Friday that landed Fire Brigade department in hot waters for not being equipped adequately to handle such situation.

Reportedly, the brigade has 25 firefighting vehicles for a city of over 20 million residents while majority of its vehicles are out of order.

Besides tyre factory in Gulbai area, a garment factory and a rice storehouse in Hawksbay area were ablaze yesterday. However, no casualties were reported in any of the incidents.

There have been many such incidents in the past in Karachi when factories have caught claiming lives and causing millions of losses.

The worst of all such incidents in Karachi is when a factory in Baldia Town caught fire in 2012 claiming lives of over 250 workers and leaving at least 600 with burns.

A case is underway in a court pertaining to the issue as an extortion demand by armed wing of a political party was revealed soon after the tragedy.