Firing on PTI public meeting claims four lives

Mardan clash

MARDAN: Four people died and seven got injured in firing on Pakistan Tehreek -e-Insaf (PTI) public meeting.


According to details, a Tehsil Councillor Mohmand Khan was also among the dead while seven others got injured.

Condition of some of the injured ones, who were transferred to a nearby hospital, is being termed as criticial.

While details revealed that PTI Tehsil Councilor along with the party workers were heading to attend the rally and went one-on-one with opponent party workers of Awami National Party (ANP) on their way.

Both the groups opened straight in a blink which resulted in PTI Tehsil Councilor Muhmind Khan, Mardan Municipal worker Ikram Shah Jahan and Qasim Khan’s death.

Bilal, Azam, Mubsar and Daud got injured and were shifted to District Headquarters Hospital where two injured people succumbed to death.

Police stated that electoral dispute between both the groups caused the incident however proper case had not been filed against anyone yet.